Are You looking for a quality aluminium Ute Tray to suit your special needs?

Would you agree some times you find that a ute tray does one thing but maybe not all that you need?


Our Ute trays come with these standard features:

  • 2.5 ton rated floor
  • One piece starter plank (for extra strength)
  • 3″ tube headboard (4.75mm wall thickness)
  • Full length rope rail (3mm wall thickness)
  • Over center latches
  • Heavy duty combing and starter planks
  • Rib floor
  • Flush mounted headboard
  • 225mm heavy duty drop sides


Aluminium Ute Trays.

Seems there are many conflicting views on which is best and it appears it is in the eye of the beholder.

Here are a few a comments from 4WD Action forum for example:

I’ve had a tub, and would never get one again. They really offer zero benefits over a tray. You have more panels to damage, less room and more to keep clean and tidy.

A good ally tray with a decent solid canopy is the best bet in my book!

A Ute Tray Enclosed,Lockable and Waterproof:

For a family tourer I’d imagine you’ll want a Ute Tray which is enclosed, lockable and waterproof. Budget plays a huge part in tray setups.

I’ve had a number of Utes trays with both dropside and tub arrangements – all with canopies of varying styles. There is no single ‘best’ style – just what’s best for you, your needs and your budget.

Aluminium Ute Trays

Want to know the best part?

Gold Coast Ute Trays can deliver a Ute tray to suit exactly what your personal needs and set up are.

So lets design the ute tray to fit your vehicle model with your very own special needs.


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Paul Killgour
Managing Director